AP audit reveals minor discrepancies within Georgia city finances

Maintaining accurate and clean financial records is what municipalities strive to do, but sometimes errors can be made and discrepancies can occur, whether by accident or on purpose. After receiving mostly good accounts payable audit results, the city of Macon, Georgia, is now working on resolving the few mistakes they made over the past fiscal year.

According to The Telegraph, the majority of the financial issues discovered within the audit were mistakes that the city had made in previous years. For the fiscal year 2012, there were approximately 12 discrepancies made by Macon employees, but this is a significant decrease from the 24 made the year before. Some of the instances of misappropriation occurred due to internal control problems and impacted several city offices, including payroll, accounts receivables and inventory management. To avoid making similar or additional errors in the future, the news source states that the city is implementing new policies and procedures for its financial processes, and officials are hoping that the increased fiscal oversight will help.

Overall, Macon Mayor Robert Reichert and other city officials stated they were pleased with the most recent AP audit results, as they showed that the city has significantly improved its fiscal practices, according to WGMT-TV. For the most part, the 2012 financial errors are easy to fix, and Macon is taking the recommendations offered by the audit reports to update its policies and become better at managing money citywide.

"What that tells me is that the administration actually did take last year's audit seriously," councilman Tom Ellington told the source. "It provided a road map for how to avoid findings in the future and I think that we're going to see with those six, similar steps taken. I think that we're in a very good position right now. I was very, very pleased with the results of the audit and it's always nice to have somebody impartial from outside coming in and taking a look and saying, 'Yes, you're doing a good job.'"

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