AP audit recovers duplicate payments within Texas department

An independent report commissioned by the state auditor of Texas found pervasive accounting mismanagement within the state's Department of Public Safety, Salon reports.

An accounts payable audit uncovered eight duplicate payments to contractors. Moreover, it revealed the department does not have a system in place to track, administer and monitor federal subgrants, leaving it vulnerable to payment errors and misappropriation of funds.

The audit also found a host of other "startling instances," including a draw-down of more than $755,000 in federal funds to issue a duplicate payout to a subgrantee and the department's "complete failure" to track and remit interest rates on unused federal funds – a violation of federal grant guidelines. Failure to competitively bid out contracts was observed as well, which is another contravention of federal requirements.

Earlier this year, Texas Congressman and presidential hopeful Ron Paul faced duplicate payment issues as well. According to documents obtained by Capitol Hill publication Roll Call, Paul received duplicate reimbursements for eight flights between Washington, D.C., and his Congressional district.

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