AP audit has commenced in case of political campaign embezzlement

A Democratic party official in Seattle, Washington, has sparked an accounts payable audit and an investigation of his role in the embezzlement of campaign funds that could total as much as $100,000.

Michael King, former executive director of Washington state's Senate Democratic Campaign Committee, was first suspected of stealing when funds that were intended for data collecting, canvassing and other campaign initiatives were deemed misappropriated by insiders, according to The Daily Herald. The source reports $11,500 granted to King that was supposed to be put towards outsourced data collection is at the head of the investigation.

Senator David Frocket told the Daily Herald requests for this kind of money in the winter of a non-election year were strange enough to make plugged-in party workers concerned.

"[The payments] raised serious red flags," he said. "There's polling going on for what? It doesn't make any sense."

The source reports similar funds allocated to King from December 2012 are being looked into as well.

King may be using Washington Democratic party funds to fuel dependency problems related to alcohol use and excessive gambling, the Daily Herald notes, as he publicly revealed he has been struggling with both vices. The source claims he plans to check into a rehabilitation program and work with authorities throughout the AP audit process.

An accounts payable recovery may be possible for the Democratic party of Washington state as paper and electronic records are being studied from the former executive director's office. King was one of just four workers paid by the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee to run voter relations operations, and the Daily Herald suggests he was trusted with large amount of money regularly.

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