AP audit finds $100,000 missing

When it comes to preventative measures for businesses, audit solutions may be among the most effective tools companies have in detecting missing funds before they begin to add up. Without regularly taking steps to examine the state of an enterprise's accounts, it is possible for crimes to go unnoticed for long periods of time.

According to the Post Independent, Erin Pressler of New Castle, Colorado, faces 57 counts of embezzlement from her former employer, Designer Door Hardware. An AP audit uncovered that she had stolen a large amount of money over the course of three years. While the toll was initially estimated at $100,000, the source noted that further investigation has recently suggested $180,000 may be more accurate.

While working for the enterprise as a bookkeeper, Pressler used company checks and debit cards to purchase personal items, prosecutors allege.

"With a million and a half a year in sales, and a 40 percent markup [profit margin], there should be $200,000 in the bank," owner Jim Pribil told the news source. "And there's not. There's $40,000."

Corp Magazine noted that bringing auditors in to examine potential foul-play is an important early step in an embezzlement investigation. The process is sometimes lengthy, so getting started as soon as possible is key. Additionally, the source suggested it is important to notify law enforcement officials of embezzlement suspicions, even when a trusted worker is involved.

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