AP audit findings lead to coroner’s resignation

After it was discovered that there were several financial irregularities within a Georgia town's finances, an accounts payable audit was launched, which ultimately led to the resignation of the city's coroner.

According to The Associated Press, Dr. James Metts Jr. turned in his resignation notice after an AP audit revealed that there was evidence of misappropriation within his office. The former coroner for Savannah, Georgia, stated that he left his position due to his age of 81 years as well as for personal reasons. However, investigators found that there was approximately $200,000 in funds that were spent on unauthorized purchases over the past 10 years.

Perhaps the most questionable finding was the $46,930 that was reimbursed to Metts to cover the salary of a secretary for the coroner's office, reports the Savannah Morning News. However, the position for secretary never existed, and authorities are not sure where the money went. Metts is also being accused of spending public funds to pay for insurance on personal vehicles, mobile phones and other unauthorized purchases. The investigation is still ongoing and Metts has not yet been charged.

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