AP audit catches financial expert in $100K embezzlement scheme

The $5,000 bond used to release Ricky Crocker from jail following his arrest this month was just a fraction of the nearly $100,000 an accounts payable audit found he embezzled, according to the Charlotte Observer and WCNC​-TV. On top of efforts that scored Crocker over $30,000 of unearned funds during his time as a MetLife Insurance Company financial advisor, WCNC​-TV claims he stole approximately $56,604 by illegally moving profits from a MetLife client's stock certificate to his private business account under the name of Carolina Media Marketing Group.

WCNC​-TV states Crocker is charged with two separate crimes: embezzlement by an insurance agent, broker or administrator, and obtaining property by false pretense. According to the Charlotte Observer, the embezzlement took place over three months between October 2008 and January 2009, with the stock certificate fraud following six months later in June 2009. There is no report stating the existence of an AP recovery for the stock holder involved.

Crocker's private company, Carolina Media Marketing Group, is advertised as a website design firm focusing on small business clients. He is listed at the executive marketing consultant for the organization, which specializes in graphic design and online marketing specifically. 

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