Alabama State University the site of fraud case

As universities are responsible for funds generated by the students who pay for their services, it is difficult to imagine how a community of educators would react to accounts payable fraud. According to the Montgomery Advertiser, however, $2.5 million in suspicious contracts and payments between 2007 and 2013 has become the source of scrutiny at Alabama State University.

According to the source, the report, which was released by Gov. Robert Bentley, outlined a list of possible areas where the resources could have gone missing. Payments and contracts were transacted involving a family related to members of the board of trustees, and although these kinds of activities occur regularly, the specific events occurred without a notable return. 

Another article by the source reported that students of the university are filled with confusion about the alleged embezzlement. Although some individuals claimed that the corruption has been ongoing and more has yet to be uncovered, the university has not released any specific information regarding pending charges or an individual culprit in the case. 

In cases like these, where there are multiple parties who had access to the funds, it is important to leverage an AP solution that can cover a broad spectrum. This way, it will be possible to track down the negligent activity without having to sift through multiple records. 

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