Accounts payable audits can ward off fraud

For many employers, it's a good feeling to trust a staff member with essential financial management duties. Often, these positions are awarded to employees because business leaders have faith in them, and it's always a positive thing to believe in one's workers. However, it's also important that decision-makers remember no amount of good will can eclipse the need for frequent her lawyer are adamant the total was only in the tens of thousands. Dove pleaded guilty of embezzlement by agent or trustee of at least $20,000 but less than $50,000. Completion of the sentencing rests on an upcoming restitution hearing.

The news provider explained that an investigation found Dove had been writing checks to herself from the business' accounts. The checks were cashed at several area banks and officially recorded as payments to vendors.

City National Bank pointed out that among other strategies, enterprises should do their part to keep embezzlement from happening through the use of audit solutions. This process can reveal aspects such as checks that haven't been accounted for, which might go unnoticed without proper examination.

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