Accounts payable audit uncovers executive’s embezzlement

A former executive of Minnesota-based Plastics Products Company Incorporated has been charged with theft after submitting more than $68,000 in false expense reports over the past eight years, according to Plastics News.

After the company's executive vice president Frank Messin submitted a claim for more than $12,000's worth of expenses related to a golf weekend, but only provided receipts that covered about $700, an internal accounts payable audit was conducted on his spending since 2003.

The audit uncovered a $1,500 tip for the firm that catered the Plastics Products annual picnic, as well as $11,352 for sets of golf clubs given away as prizes, golf shirts, rounds of golf and expenses related to entertaining clients. Employees in the accounts payable department told investigators that they had been uncomfortable questioning the legitimacy of the claims because Messin was married to the president of the company.

Elsewhere in Minnesota, an employee of Milwaukee Health Services was recently found to have embezzled more than $500,000 from the company before quitting his job last year, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. 

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