Accounts payable audit finds ex-treasurer guilty of $50,000 embezzlement

Stephanie Bodgan, the former treasurer for the town of Watson, Michigan, has plead guilty to charges of felony embezzlement. An accounts payable audit revealed that she stole over $50,000 of taxpayer money from the township.

According to, Bogdan embezzled from her former employer between February and November 2011. It was discovered that she wrote herself a payroll check for more than $800 in June of last year and cashed the check to pay for personal expenses. However, the news source says that prosecutors allege that Bogdon embezzled an even larger amount of money from the town.

At her plea hearing, WZZM-TV reports that Bogdon brought a check with her in the amount of $50,000 in order to pay restitution, though Watson officials claim she owes more than that.

"The forensic audit is still ongoing," said John Lohrstorfer, the attorney representing the town in the case. "Yes, it is over $50,000, but we do not have an exact figure yet. This will continue over at least the next couple of months."

The Allegan County Sheriff's office noted that Bogdan has accumulated approximately $50,000 in gambling debt at a casino in Wayland, Michigan, states

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